Stewardship and Evangelism


Session: Stewardship & Evangelism Team

The team is lead by elders currently serving on session and other congregational members.



Webster's defines Stewardship as the office, duties, and obligations of a steward. Also, the individual's responsibility to manage his life and property with proper regard to the rights of others. Our stewardship is of the gifts God has given to us as individuals and as a congregation.


Not only what we give back to God, but also how we use it. Gifts are many and varied; Healing, Teaching, Compassion, Ministry, Leading, Evangelism, Finances.


Gift of your time- Gift of your talent- Gift of your finances.


Financial Campaign

Each Fall the Church leaders ask you to prayerfully consider and Pledge to the church an amount you feel lead to give back to God.  This helps the Church to make a budget for the coming year.


     Reasons to Pledge:

  1. It helps our church to plan wisely for the coming year.
  2. Pledging helps you to think about the importance of your giving.
  3. It is a privilege to do so as part of your relationship with God.


Webster's defines evangelism as the winning or revival of personal commitments to Christ.


As our service of worship ends, our ministry of service begins!


Go forth into the world,

Go forth in peace,

Go forth into the world,

Where Jesus Christ is risen!

Where Jesus Christ is risen!


New Visitor Calls

When a visitor signs in on the friendship pad (with contact info) a letter is sent giving them info about our church and a follow up phone call is placed to greet them and invite them back and possibly to answer questions they may have about the church.


Roadside Sign

Events on the sign facing route 32 are there by sending a request to the church office. Items are displayed in a rotating sequence and will be removed after the event.


Inquirer's Class

Interested in joining our church? Need to know what it means to be a Presbyterian? Come to an Inquirer's class! Classes are offered twice a year. Contact the church office to get information about the next class.


Special Gifts Committee

Memorial gifts, trusts and endowments.


The Special Gifts Committee is a standing committee that reports directly to Session. It has established a gift policy for our church, and specifies certain processes that should be followed in receiving, acknowledging, and utilizing gifts. A list of approved gifts desired by the church is maintained after approval by the Session.

August 20, 2017

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