Prayer Family

Each week a family is chosen to be the prayer family. They are posted in the grapevine and on the screens in the sanctuary on Sunday. There is a paragraph written about them and the congregation is asked to pray for them and often a prayer request is mentioned in the write-up.

Parish Nurses

Parish Nurses perform a number of activities in support of members of the congregation. Some of these activities include:

  • Assessing the needs of the congregation and staff
  • Providing community health resources and access to support groups
  • Performing blood pressure screenings and referrals
  • Visiting those who are in the hospital or sick at home
  • Educating the congregation about important health issues.

Box Tops for Education

These "Box Tops" are found on many General Mills products, not all of which come in a box. But each is worth $.10 to our preschool. We are able to purchase what ever is needed with the funds and at whatever store we wish. This is a great help to our Preschool Program.  Please collect these logos from items you purchase These Tops Can be placed in the Collection Center

Campbell's Soup Labels

The labels off any Campbell's soup can are worth points toward schools can use toward items from a catalog of school supplies that is provided by the Campbell's soup company.

Blood Drive

In the months of November & May the Red Cross Blood Drive is held in our Fellowship Hall and is opened to the public.  In our region, the Red Cross needs more than 1100 pints of blood each day to meet patients’ needs. Many people don’t realize that red blood cells have only a 42 day shelf life, and therefore must be replenished daily.

  • In the US a blood transfusion is needed about every 2 seconds
  • Only (approx) 5% of the eligible population donates
  • A premature baby may need 1-4 units
  • A patient with sickle cell disease may need 10-15 units
  • A patient after Prostate surgery may need 2-4 units
  • A transplant patient may need 6-10 units + 20 units plasma + 10 more of platelets

Postage Stamps

Used postage stamps are collected for the Presbyterian Homes. These are sold for collectors so they can not be torn but they may be canceled.  You may cut the envelope off around the stamp and turn in just the corner & stamp (this way your address is not turned in) cut approx. 1 inch around the stamp.

August 23, 2017

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